Tabrae is a rapper, poet and producer from Iran. 

He began rapping at the age of 11 and quickly developed a following amongst his peers.  His unique rap style set him apart from other rappers for many reasons - not only his incredibly fast flow, but also his lyrical content incorporates existentialist philosophy and politically charged protest raps.   Some of his lyrics cover topics about the problems people in Iran face and are quite critical of the government. 


In 2012 Tabrae had been putting the finishing touches to his debut album in an underground studio that he shared with several other rappers.   One fateful day the Iranian “Morality Police”, who enforce the strict cultural code of the state, raided the studio, seized the equipment and arrested whoever they found.   Luckily Tabrae was not there that day but as a result of what happened he and the other musicians using the studio fled the country as quickly as possible.


Tabrae arrived in London as a political refugee and was granted asylum.  He has spent the last 5 years building a base and making connections to recreate his album, the focus of which is to promote world peace and unity and is 8 different languages in this album.


Tabrae has performed at several festivals and club nights in London.  Although he still raps in his native Persian his captivating stage presence and mind-bogglingly fast rap flows have begun building a fan base for him here.


More recently Tabrae has successfully completed 'Amy's Yard' Music Programme in July 2015 Which gave him the opportunity to work with the producer Urban Monk in the same studio where Amy Winehouse created many of her tracks. The Amy Winehouse Foundation has given Tabrae this once in a life time experience to contiue on his musical journey to accomplish his dreams. 




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